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The newest addition (2021) to the OPMS kratom product family! OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Extract is being touted as the more potent, effective, and longer lasting sibling of OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom Shot. This all-natural and pure liquid kratom shot is of the highest quality. It all starts with fresh Maeng Da leaves harvested directly from the kratom plant. From there, an exceptionally well-balanced combination of alkaloids are extracted from the plant; an alkaloid blend that is exclusive to OPMS and superior to those found in other liquid kratom shots. This extraction process is accomplished by exerting a well-calculated formula of cool water and exceptionally high pressure. By doing this, the specialists at OPMS are able to draw out the optimal amount of potent alkaloids from the leaves of the kratom plant. This process also ensures that the integrity of the natural kratom alkaloids are maintained throughout this task. The result of this proprietary extraction method is that there is a higher concentration of active ingredients available to use in their products.