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About Us

We’re a reliable online store of natural botanical products. We specialize in providing the highest quality organic CBD and Kratom products to our clients throughout all US states.

In addition to being the best CBD products and Kratom, we also offer the most extensive range of vaping products and accessories. So, you can easily avail the most premium products to cool off and relax your mind.

At AMS Distributors, we provide you with quality botanical products like CBD and Kratom, along with reliable vaping products. In addition, through our online store, we help you acquire the best products in the market. The difference between AMS and unreliable sellers is that AMS ensures that all products in our store conform to our clients’ high-quality standards. We buy and provide for you only the most outstanding CBD, Kratom, and Vape products from leading manufacturers. Plus, we provide delivery services for all US states so that every client has access to top-notch organic botanical products.

These are the values that underpin AMS Distribution and separate us from our competition. No matter how big we get or how fast we grow. We will always stick to our roots. And we will always put the customer first.

As a well-known distributor, AMS Distribution brings you the most popular Vape, Kratom, and CBD products from all the popular brands including CaptainLA, CanniBeast, Expert Botanicals, Sugar ExtraX, Cali Plus, Hi5 Disposable Vape, and Kangvape, to name a few. Hence, have all kinds of products with varying options for nicotine levels, THC content, CBD strains, and much more. So, you’re bound to find a Kratom power, Vape cartridge, or CBD capsule you want to buy.