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The Extract Solutions Co Ready Mix Kit is a unique starter kit that will quickly transform any herbal extract into a delicious flavored tincture that goes great all day long. Not only does this kit include a 30mL ready mix bottle, you will also receive a slim and discreet pen vaporizer to vape your flavored extracts. This vaporizer sports an easy to use 280mAh lithium-ion battery and a basic wick style atomizer cartridge that even the most novice users with have an easy handle on. Remove the mouthpiece to fill up to 1mL of your flavored herbal extracts into the included cartridge and connect it to rechargeable battery to begin vaping. Extract Solutions Co includes everything you need start vaping flavored herbal extracts right out of the box including a dabber tool and 1mL syringe for precise and simple refills.• 1 1.5ML Ready Mix Bottle • 1 Glass Cup • 1 1mL Syringe • 1 Dabber Tool • 1 280 Mah Battery • 1 USB charger • 1 Atomizer Cartridge