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AMS Distribution brings you one of the most popular disposable vape cartridges created by Sugar Stix and Delta Extrax. The Sugar Extrax delta 8 vape offers you one of the best combinations of cannabinoids. It includes a rich combination of D8, D10, and THC distillate and terpenes. So, you know you’re getting your money’s worth when you buy the one you like.

Plus, these cartridges make your day refreshing with tastebud-tingling flavors like Lemonade Kush, Sour Tsunami, and Pineapple Express. The unique taste and the combination of the best Hemp strains come as a game-changer in the form of 2gm THC disposable cartridges. So, when you consume a pack, you can enjoy these vitalizing flavors at a higher concentration.

But no matter how good the product is, you can’t experience vaping at its best if the taste feels burnt. Therefore, these cartridges are made with the highest care for creating quality products free of synthetic ingredients and flavoring. Instead, Sugar Extrax delta 8 products are made with only organic terpenes and flavors like Lemonade Kush.

However, there’s more to these premium devices than just that. These sugar extract delta 8 products come with a rechargeable 280mAH battery. Plus, it has a light indicator that lets you know the state of your device. Red means the device is low on battery, white means it’s charging, and when it turns off, that means the device is fully charged. The light also turns on while activated, making you look cool while vaping.

Why AMS Distribution?

AMS Distribution provides you with the highest quality products to help you avail the most satisfying shopping experience. Hence, we bring you the Sugar Extrax delta 8 at reasonable prices. In addition to that, while competitors may offer just two or three flavors, we provide you with the complete set of six enticing flavors, including:

  • Coco Og
  • Fruitty Pebbs
  • Lemonade Kush
  • Pineapple Express
  • Sour Tsunami
  • Tropicana Kush

In this way, AMS Distribution ensures that your vaping needs are taken care of without flavor discrimination. Our selection helps you make the best choice for your pick among these sugar extract delta 8 flavors. But why limit yourself? Buy one, buy all! Shop from AMS and try all the unique Delta 8 + Delta 10 + THC-O variants of Sugar Extrax today!


All products sold by AMS Distribution are solely intended for adults over the age of 21. The Sugar Extrax delta 8 vape product contains Hemp strains like Sativa and Indica. Hence, careful usage is recommended. In addition to that, the product should not be used during focus-intensive work. Similarly, the product is also not suitable for consumption by pregnant women.

Sugar Extrax disposables and all other disposable vape cartridges are produced by third-party manufacturers. Therefore, when you buy anything from the AMS Distribution website, you confirm that AMS Distribution will not be held liable in any way whatsoever for either long-term or temporary side effects caused by any product.



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