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AMS provides everything you need to unwind, relax, and enjoy the moment, as your comfort and pleasant experience are essential to us. Hence, at AMS Distribution, we are constantly updating our collection of delta 9 cartridge items. One of our most recent cart weed product debuts is Bona Fide 2000MG, which provides you with the most extraordinary vaping experience.

Bona Fide offers you a disposable vape that comes with a 2000MG capacity, a rechargeable battery, and a convenient micro USB port. So, you can now enjoy vaping Bona Fide products at highly inexpensive costs without worrying about breaking the bank. In addition to that, all Bona Fide cart weed products have long battery life, allowing you not to worry about recharging them while smoking.

Even if you are picky about your flavors, you can enjoy THCO vaping with the delta 9 cart. We have a wide range of selections for each vape, but this delta 9 cartridge product comes in unique flavors that will make you forget about inferior products.

One advantage of vaping Bona Fide THCO is that it does not make you feel out of control. It instead provides quick relaxation while keeping you grounded.

Why Trust AMS Distribution?

AMS Distribution has provided vape or cart weed goods and flavors for over a decade. Our goal has remained consistent: to give our consumers the best possible experience.

We want our customers to have a satisfactory experience when ordering from us and while using our delta 9 cartridge products. Hence, we provide you with a wide variety of flavors to satisfy and fulfill your craving. So, when you order Bona Fide THCO 5CTBX, you can choose from the three most explosive flavors: 

  • Blue Dreams – A sweet vine-ripened blueberry flavor with floral undertones.
  • Gelato – A creamy blueberry and orange flavor with a sweet blueberry and orange aroma.
  • Master Kush – A strong flavor with a faint lemon touch.

Though only these three flavors are currently available for delta 9 cartridge bona fide vape, they are satisfactory and should be savored by every vape enthusiast. 

So, what are you waiting for? Make your next vaping experience memorable by ordering Bona Fide 2000mg 2ml D8 THCO 5CBTX from AMS Distribution


We advise buyers to practice caution with Bona Fide products and all other delta 9 cart items. The conditions under which you should not use Bona Fide 2000mg 2ml D8 THCO 5CBTX or any other delta 9 cartridge product are as follows:

  • If you are driving or intend to drive within a few minutes after consumption.
  • If you are operating heavy machinery or working in machinery.
  • If you are a breastfeeding woman. 
  • If you are under the age of 21 (only people above the age of 21 can legally consume cart weeds).

All vape items are made by third parties, and AMS Distribution will not be held liable if the guidelines mentioned above are not followed. Therefore, when you purchase cart weeds or any other goods from AMS Distribution, you fully accept these conditions; AMS Distribution will not be held liable for any long-term or short-term adverse effects caused by any product.


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